平田貢一 【I look like…. 僕が最近似ていると言われる方は。。。 。】

Hi, everyone!
I hope you all have a good weekend.
Today, I would like to share the answer to the quiz that I asked you last weekend with you. Recently, I’ve been told I look like…Mr. Ryo Narita!! Did you guess right? (I don’t think so lol)
I get very happy whenever I hear that, but I also feel very sorry for him since he is way cooler than me…. Anyway, I hope Mr. Narita and I could work together someday as “brothers” :)

今日は先週のクイズの答えを発表いたします。それでは、僕が最近似ていると言われる方は。。。なんと成田凌さんです!!皆さんの予想通りでしたでしょうか。(そんなことはないと思いますが 笑)